Perfect White Cream


Recommended tor: Highlights, frosting & full decoloration.

Product Characteristics:

• 250 gm squeeze stays fresher

• Contains Shea butter (karate butter, rich in Antioxidant Vitamins) Vegetable protein (protects and nounshes hair) Natural Royal Jelly (softens and enhances shine)

• Helps protect hair and scalp during the lightening process

• Average number of applications depends on hair length and treatment, approx. 4 to 8

• Helps to protect scalp when applied using low volume activators, 20 vol. or less

Method of use:

Mix with cream peroxide in a non-metallic bowl at 10-20-30-40 volumes with a mixing ratio of 1 part Perfect White Cream Light-ener and 2 parts activator to form a soft and easy to apply mixture The degree of hair lightening should be monitored throughout the processing time in relation to the desired effect, the application area and the condition of the hair. The lightening power can be increased by reducing the mixing ratio (e.g. 1 .1 .5 - 1.1), For appli-cations in which the product may come into contact with the scalp, use 10 or 20 vol. activators.

• 30gr/1oz of

• 30grhoz of Perfect White Cream + 45gr/1.5oz of Oxy 30 Vol.=lightens by 4/5 levels Perfect White Cream + 60gr/2oz of Oxy 30 Vol.=lightens by 3/4 levels

• 30gri1oz of Perfect White Cream + 30grilaz of Oxy 30 Vol.=lightens by 5/7 levels

Please Note-

• Do not dilute the mixture to a ratio lower than 1:1.

• Lower volumes of peroxide/activator will reduce the level of lift to which hair is lightened.

Precautions for use:

Carefully follow the instructions for use at all times. May cause allergic reactions Do not use to bleach eyelashes or eyebrows. Avoid contact with eyes If the product comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and consult a specials:. A preliminary sensitivity test is recommended. Use suitabie, Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on scalp wits, cuts or problems. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

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